Wildlife Singapore: Weaver ant mimic spider

Rare encounter with an ant mimic spider. Few years ago I’ve spotted a black one. So cool so amazing. Read more about Weaver ant mimic spider.


Banded Phintella Jumper on my hand

Banded Phintella Jumper (Phintella vittata)4

Beautiful little metallic jumping spider. Banded Phintella Jumper (Phintella vittata). We need to pay attention to our nature there are so many things to be discovered. Photo by Bryan Goh uses Lumix DMC TZ70


My Chocolate shrimp

Chocolate shrimp of BGC.jpg

This was my only adult chocolate in the tank. It passed away recently, but left with many offsprings though!

Chocolate Shrimp is the closest in coloration to its natural form. These brown shrimp however are bred over generations for a more solid brown.


  • Scientific Name:Neocaridina Davidi (Heteropoda)
  • Common Name:Chocolate Shrimp, Brown Shrimp, Sakura Chocolate, Fire Chocolate
  • Origin:Taiwan
  • pH:6.0-8.0
  • Temp:64-84°F
  • TDS:80-400
  • KH:0-10
  • GH:4-14
  • Fertility:High
  • Difficulty:Easy

Grading and Variations

Chocolate shrimp follow the same grading guide as Red Cherry shrimp: Cherry, Sakura, and Fire. The Cherry grade is transparent with specks of brown across its body. The Sakura is a more translucent brown, having only minor lines of dots of clear through its carapace. The Fire is entirely brown and has no obvious lines anywhere on its body. Painted Fire is referred to Fire grades that are completely opaque, and its saddles and eggs are on visible when viewed through high lighting.