Back to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


During my trip to Sungei Buloh, I spotted a few beautiful Scutelleridae. (Jewel bug)


First BGC hand made BGC Figurine!




Making of 3D BGC Figurine mascot

BGC model
BGC fly figurine inspired by Chrysomya rufifacies ( species belonging to blowflies)




BGC Pulau Hantu Expedition

Thank God it was sunny day at Pulau Hantu until the thunderstorm came at the end of trip! So much to explore. So many sea creatures found at the mud flat. Thanks to the guide who was part of the biodiversity studies.

Banded Phintella Jumper on my hand

Banded Phintella Jumper (Phintella vittata)4

Beautiful little metallic jumping spider. Banded Phintella Jumper (Phintella vittata). We need to pay attention to our nature there are so many things to be discovered. Photo by Bryan Goh uses Lumix DMC TZ70